Mazda 121 DB Factory Spoiler - oryginalny spoiler

Joseph Falzon - 18 mar 2007 14:00
Hi all,
I only know little of your language so please permit me to write you in English.

I own a Mazda 121 DB (Bubble) and live in Malta (Europe).

I am desperately looking for an original factory boot spoiler for the Mazda 121 DB. In Malta I cant find. Can you help please? New or second hand. It does not matter. As long as I find one!

Please help and thanks in advance.

this is a picture of the spoiler:

you can e-mail me at

Best Regards,

brii - 18 mar 2007 14:08
Did you look for it on e-bay??

Joseph Falzon - 18 mar 2007 19:11
yes but i could not find any spoilers

brii - 18 mar 2007 22:20
Look for cars after crash - their owners usually sold parts, but on e-bay they put only one ad (for example: engine for sold)

yari - 26 mar 2007 23:21
elo joe
something for you